Makeup, wardrobe, haircut, and of course….a lip sewing

As the BME World Tour crew is busy playing working in Australia, I thought it would be fitting to feature a picture from the land down under.


This lip sewing comes to us courtesy of Rob at Polymorph Body Piercing in Sydney.

Thank to Mandic for informing me the model is V.

16 thoughts on “Makeup, wardrobe, haircut, and of course….a lip sewing

  1. Eyelashes are very scary/bad. Looks like someone used the blender in Photoshop to do that. Icky. Everything else = good. Love the jacket.

  2. Thanks guys! The jacket is Gallery Serpentine for those interested…they make some superlush stuff!
    And I still hate those eyelashed, but they weren’t my choice.

  3. i want the jacket hahaha but very clean nice work got to be the nicest looking lip sewing ive seen yet

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