Silent Agony

There isn’t much to say about these photos as they pretty much left me speechless.  A big thank you to Arseniy for continuing to send in beautiful images of his body modification related art.

There are a couple more to see after the clickthrough, so keep on reading.

The full sized images, along with several others from the shoot can be found in the lip sewing gallery, which is a part of the ritual galleries on BME.

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the images in their intended sizes, so make sure to log in before you check out the gallery.

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All Other Bliss

Well, this is just lovely, is it not? A pretty face, a handsome photograph and some nice, clean lip sewing by the model’s boyfriend, Tomek LP-U from Art of Pain Body Piercing in Krakow, Poland. “He really wanted to shut me up,” she says of Tomek. Ha, you kidders. Procedural goodness, after the jump.

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