Damnit Lliezel!

LlIezel Ellick, you make my life difficult. I don’t want to feature any one person too often on modblog, and picking through all of your amazing submissions to BME is proving quite difficult!

In all seriousness though, Lliezel from Wildfire Tattoos in Cape Town Africa, has submitted so many beautifully photographed pictures recently, she deserves some sort of award. Since I pissed off the trophy shop guys next to my shop, I probably can’t get a good deal on a trophy, so this post will have to suffice.


In case you were wondering, yes, those buttons are sutured on!

36 thoughts on “Damnit Lliezel!

  1. I really like that her body isn’t airbrushed. Or if it is, it’s minimal. Can we just.. phase airbrushing out, forever?

  2. So sewing two buttons on your body makes you worthy of being featured on modblog as long as you’re half naked?

  3. girl:

    stop being ridiculous. when was the last time you saw anyone with buttons sewed to them? play piecing is part is part of the body mod culture. this chick is cute. the end.

  4. sewing things on you is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the regular play piercing pictures imo. medical-looking needles give me the eebyjeebies

  5. so very very pretty <3
    ………love these ladies (Lli & Clare) and the awesomeness that stems with their creativity.

  6. Ads – the buttons are sewn to her, like play piercing, lip sewing, etc. this is the type of thing that we routinely cover.

    I’d love to see more folks send in high quality (non-webcam) photos so we can feature more of a variety on ModBlog. People would flip out even more if we started posting low quality photos so the challenge is out there, get some high quality shots of your mods and send them in!

    I like this photo. At first I had the same “Where are the mods” thought. Then I realized the buttons were sewn on and went “ahhhh!” Kudos to her for sitting there for that. I’d probably faint. I’m hardcore like that.

  7. the modblog police strike again…

    This picture was surprising. I didn’t realize at all that those buttons were sewn on, and that’s totally awesome!
    Readers, stop complaining, and start submitting your own “worthy” content!

  8. Hey jen. i was only 10 minutes faster than you, may be next time you beat me.lol. good luck next time. abby

  9. I like the way the people who complain don’t link there IAM pages, they either don’t have the balls to put up with peoples follow up comments, or are just lurkers who are not members, which makes there opinion null and void anyway. Great post.

  10. these mods are unusual and interesting, and being half naked is the best way to display body modification – since it’s modification of your body, not your clothes!

    plus girls are more aesthetically pleasing and we should be pleased about that.

    the buttons wouldn’t have had the same effect peeping through gaps in an adult sized onesie.

    i’m all for original body mods, gives us something to get excited about other than another standard septum piercing.


  11. Lliezel is awesome! As is Melissa, who has a long-worked on and rather lovely selection of unusual cartilage piercings as well as 2 gorgeous and very well-looked after surface piercings on her hips which I believe lasted pretty damn long if they’re not still there… You just can’t see the piercings due to the gigantic hair style and ribbons we used and the hotpants are just covering the hips in this shot.

    She took this like a trooper! I should really post some process photos and wider shots where you can see her lovely surface bars.

    Also, Sara is right, she is very very minimally photoshopped, she needed so little post work it was crazy! Stunning girl and stunning body, plus I don’t believe in excessive retouching :) Just showing mods for the amazing beautiful things they are.


  12. A lovely photo. So fun and cute!
    Just had to comment cuz i really like Lliezel’s work, she’s pierced and scarred me already and she’s just so thorough and concerned that you’re happy with the placement etc.
    Great stuff

  13. Thanks Clare :)

    This play piercing was a fantastic experience. I have only ever felt comfortable and secure in Lliezel’s capable hands and I am very lucky to have been pierced so many times by her. It’s a shame that the hardcore protesters who say I an not “modded” enough can’t see my beautifully executed mods (Thanks Lliezel!) because I reckon they’d change their minds. I’d also like to see “girl” and “Lars” have 3 buttons sutured onto themselves and see how they feel after that! Ha!

    Kudos again for beautiful photography to Ms SweetNausea ..

    ps. Indeed my surface piercings (which are just peeping out in this shot) are still right where they belong, nearly a year later!

  14. Hey, I only deserve about 10% credit…complete team work made this possible. Sweet Nausea (Clare) was the momentum behind all of this prettiness.

  15. and hey…suture away… there is no possible way in my mind that suturing buttons onto my body could be half as agonizing as my leg piece.

  16. what.the.fuck

    just a clue to the people complaining, you DONT have to come here, no one is asking you too, if you dont like whats being posted, take your own damn pics, and send them in, failing that, dont come here and comment such pointless words

    i think this pic is cool, the buttons are a neat idea and she is hot, what more do you want? or are the people complaining because they only want to see “hardcore shizzle” posted? there is far more to body mod than the hardcore stuff, thats what makes this world so friggin awesome, deal with the fact your not always going to see 5inch lobes, huge subdermal implants, huge wonderful tattoos, and sometimes see play piercing, smaller piercings, and the odd naked modded chick.

  17. For those who are interested ..
    Current Mods:
    2 sets of 4.0 tunnels
    2 hip surface piercings
    Past mods:
    vertical nape
    upper lip frenum (smiley)

  18. Sterile buttons? That’s a first! Or did I misread it was done professionally?
    It does look pretty though, I must say!

  19. @ Kate Kurenai

    yes, sterile buttons. sterilized in the same steri101 (i think thats the name) fluid we sterilize all our clamps and jewelry with before autoclaving. (Lli and I both work at Wildfire Piercing Clinic)
    And yes, professionally done!

  20. Wow, just wow. This was worth flicking through two years of posts for. She is beautiful, and has mods that are far from the usual. There is so much scope with temporary / play piercing. One wouldn’t believe it though seeing corset after corset. Respect to her for thinking outside of the box and doing something new.
    (Inspired by veterinary aural haematoma surgery? Hmm, hehehe)

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