The beauty of stolen moments

I’ve been pretty busy and with a new school year upon us, things are only going to get more hectic.  I’d love to be able to post to ModBlog more often but I don’t have the time to devote to writing up some great entries right now.  That said, as I was moderating photos this afternoon, I happened upon this one and couldn’t resist.

I love the juxtaposition between the hard steel hooks in his back and the tenderness of the moment this couple is sharing.  The photos were submitted by John_Wayne_Harlyquin and I’m not sure if he’s the guy in the photos or the person who took them but I’m glad he decided to share this with BME.  This photo, for me, is such a true representation of BME with giant hooks piercing through flesh and a couple about to kiss.  The normalcy we experience when we’re together makes me forget that the rest of the world doesn’t look at body modification the way that we do.


The rest of the set of photos that were submitted can be found here.

I hope you all enjoy this long weekend and the last bit of real freedom for awhile for those of you heading back to classes next week.

13 thoughts on “The beauty of stolen moments

  1. wow….what a gorgeous photo……i may have to make this my computer background……….absolute art in every possible way!!!

  2. I love that the internet allows people to be rude for no other reason than because they don’t have to answer for it.

  3. I’m not offended, I just don’t understand the point. I mean I’m not in the photo so it doesn’t offend me but I don’t get why so many people enjoy posting insults.

    To be honest, since ModBlog started I’ve been against commenting for that very reason. I don’t care if people want to insult me or what I’ve written, I just don’t feel that there’s any reason to allow the subject of the photo, any photo, to be insulted. And it’s not just ModBlog, comments on any site are generally nothing more than a bash fest and I just don’t get why people enjoy doing it so much.

  4. Ok so that up there was supposed to read …awwwweee, what timing, you are such a softy…….

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