Why do men have nipples?

There’s an easy answer to that question, they have nipples so they can be removed.

The excellent removal and suturing job was done by none other than the multi-talented Efix Roy from D-Markation in Quebec.  Also, if you happen to be in the Toronto area next week, Efix will be stopping by Exotix Studios to do some with with Six.

Hopefully we get more pictures as this heals up as I know a lot of people out there would be interested in seeing it.

20 thoughts on “Why do men have nipples?

  1. That is most impressive. I’ve never seen pics of nipple removal before. I’m intrigued. Love the ink as well

  2. Is the range of motion on the surrounding skin severely impacted by this procedure? I imagine tightening up the skin wouldn’t be comfortable.

  3. It kind of looks like his chest is sleeping (stitches = eyelashes on closed eyes).
    It makes me smile :-) I like this mod

  4. I LOVE this mod, however I LOVE my nipples, but his lack of nipples is a beautiful site indeed, bravo can’t wait to see it healed but I love the fresh look a bit much!

  5. @Tobias: likely only for a couple weeks, until the skin grew and stretched to accommodate the tightened skin. Much the same way the pectoral skin of a woman who had had a breast augmentation would grow and stretch to accommodate implants.

  6. @frida: the scar after a nipple removal can become quite sensitive as well, making pleasure from touching/licking possible. my nipple removal scar is rather cute that way. yeh.

  7. I find nipple removal, odd, and attractive….

    I have always considered having the procedure done, but I think I like my nipples too much. :(

  8. Can’t wait to see it healed. Those sutures look spectacular.
    I have lately been considering getting my nipples tattooed a different colour. Anyone have any experience relating to this?

  9. Out of curiosity, is anyone aware of navel removal being done? Seems like it would be interesting…

  10. @Curious that would be really cool to see, especially if someone managed to do it without any scarring at all… but I think that no matter what, it would probably scar =P

  11. looks cool with these tattoes and muscle relief, yeah.

    but the artist had better do innerside suturing which is well known as giving better cosmetic effect. (this mean it leave less scars)

  12. I have seen a pictures of a guy on iam without nipples, I also know a transgender man whos nipples athrophied during his top surgery.

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