The Guess What Game (Results)

Time’s up!  It’s time to see how everyone did.  But before we get to the results, lets get a quick recap of today’s game.

Any final guesses?  Now’s the time.

To see the results, you know what to do…

A big round of applause for everyone who guessed it was a nipple piercing.   Lunaboo sent in this this picture of his nipple, which ended up being a pretty easy guess for a lot of people.

Round 1

Round two upped the difficulty a little bit with this female chastity ladder.  As impressive as this is, check back later in the week for another image that was sent in by the same person.

Round 2

Finally round three brought us the most difficult image to guess to date, well at least I think it is.  What you’re looking at is a partial glans removal, coupled with a shaft apadravya, fed through a tunnel.  NuderThanNude sent in this picture of his project, and I’ve included another shot of the partial glans removal to give you a better look at it.

Round 3

So how did you do?  Any perfect scores this week?  With round three being what it is I’ll be really surprised if someone could guess that.

Next week will be a whole new edition of the Guess What Game, so if you’ve got any photos of your modifications that you think may fool some people, send them in!

29 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Results)

  1. I guessed split glans with an amapllang for the third one. Does that count? Pretty damn close!

  2. Failed miserably!
    I couldn’t even BEGIN to guess the second… and then it was an OOOOOHHH! moment! LOL

  3. I actually did well this time. 😀 Got two right, but what do I get for guessing deep shaft apa on the third one?

    Well, let’s go by 2.5!

  4. I can’t even wrap my head around that last picture. So the glans is just like… hanging out there, flapping in the wind? I’d be terrified of it accidentally ripping off during sexytime!

  5. What’s happened in the third pic? Meato.. yeah, but after that? has he re-shaped his dick by wearing that jewellery? does it stand permanently at that odd angle? ..and, has he removed his nuts? certainly looks like it.

  6. 1st time I’ve commented on modblog! And I’ve just got to say Wow, the third one is great! I think glansectomy’s look amazing, never seen a partial one before and never would have guessed at that!

  7. damn….didnt get any this time…wasn’t anywhere near close with the first one either..

    but holy cow im impressed by the partial glans removal…that looks impressive

  8. @Nienke, anatomically, it should be just where it would normally be… Just the bisection/removal kinda covers it from the angle of the picture… if it was more up and down, you’d be able to see the meatus. (pee hole.)

  9. @ Nienke and Cashew, if I remember correctly from the last time I saw his page,, nuderthannude has rerouted his urethra to under his nutsack?

  10. Hi All,
    To answer some questions…

    The reason you can’t see my urethra in the photos is I did an “above the scrotum” urethral reroute roughly 4 years ago and later sealed the unused portion of the urethra. There is no outlet now where the glans separation is.

    Yes, I do still have my testicles. They are drawn up by my normally tight scrotum.

    This mod has reduced my glans sensitive substantially (cut through one of the nerves – the one that travels along the urethra – the dorsal nerve still enters the glans though) which is a good thing for me as my glans was always hyper sensitive and I would orgasm quickly and if stimulated afterward would actually begin to hurt. The sensitivity is now very balanced between my shaft skin and glans and my orgasms are more female like.

    One big plus is that there is more surface for sensation now from both the glans and the end of the shaft. The end of the shaft is rock hard which feels great and so does being able to move the glans around.

  11. Thanks NuderThanNude, been captivated by glans removal for some time, so it’s great to hear your experience.

  12. I continually fantasize over a total glansectomy myself and may end up doing one some day, Right now the glans liberation kind of gives me the best of both worlds and I want to enjoy it as much as possible before moving on to the next step.

    I do have to admit that when I fold the glans out of the way I really do like the look and feel without it and the temptation to short cut to the next step is extremely tempting. Time will tell just how long I can hold out.

  13. Well best of luck however you continue. I’m too impulsive, if I got that far I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself going all the way haha

  14. Thanks NuderThanNude, I really appreciate your comments. I’m contemplating having a full removal of the glan without sealing the urethra. I also have considered the urethra re-routing and have a question about it. Did you experiment any problem such urethral and/or bladder infection?
    Thanks for the info and the picture


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