Now that’s a bloody nose

Seeing as how the last post was all about fighting, let’s keep the theme going.  I remember when I was a young kid, my dad told me if I ever got into a fight to hit the other kid square in the nose.  It’ll drop them to the ground and fill their eyes with tears.

Now when Seeingred got punched in the nose, his eyes certainly watered up, and a lot of blood started flowing.  Of course he got his nose punched a little differently than a couple of kids in a fight would be capable of.

Dorian Vilify from Custom Steel and Ink in Flint, MI was the guy who got to punch him in the nose..  with a 2g punch.

10 thoughts on “Now that’s a bloody nose

  1. I can’t really decide if this piercer is a so called “Blood-whore”, if he doesn’t know that using plyers will keep the bleeding to a minimum, if he doesn’t mind the blood or if he can’t figure out how to use the plyers with a “spatula”.

    Despite it being unnecessarily messy it still looks good though.

    (I had my nostrils punched last week and there was barely any blood at all, which I prefer.)

  2. Dorian is a piercer to be reckoned with. He’s known for being the best and this is “KING” to say the least. This is true beauty at its finest.

  3. Wonderful!

    and xZBx- everybody is different. Some people bleed more than others. I wouldn’t put it all on the piercer.

  4. i cannot even begin to imagine how much that hurts! I had my conch punched, but, Jeez……

  5. @ xZBx
    You are questiong the piercers knowledge and throwing around words like “plyers”.

  6. I had my nostrils punched at 2g (slightly smaller than 2g; the punches were a hair off, so we tapered the rest of the way), and it was a cake walk, honestly. I hardly bled.

    VIVA Big Nostrils! :)

  7. as a piercer of 8 years, i use a this method but i always punch it slighly smaller and taper it in to the desired size, personally, i dont like using “plyers” CLAMPS as they dont support the tissue enough and a quick procedure will help with the bleeding.

    it is really common for nostril punches to bleed abit initially then settle after a few seconds.

    i like the position and they are from this angle fantastically even. nice one! i hope they heal well.

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