Put ‘em up

The lost art of fisticuffs.  Where men would settle their differences face to face, and not at 20 paces.  Nowadays we have MMA fighting where instead of standing on their feet facing their opponent, these men roll around on the ground giving each other hugs.  Who would have thought that the simple phrase “let’s hug it out” would transform the art of hand to hand combat into something so undignified.

Thankfully Xusha is here to show you the basics of the fighting, as well as the star implant she has.

5 thoughts on “Put ‘em up

  1. I don’t really know a lot about implants, but that seems like a hell of a place for an entrance wound. Looks nice though.

  2. You practice a modified lifestyle … yet pigeonhole people in the MMA scene that are basically trying to change their bodies and seek higher consciousness through aestheticism in their own way. You hang from hooks, we fight each other – it’s all about pushing through doors within and stepping past inner thresholds. You should try a few Brazilian jiu-jitsu lessons – you might find the acts of administering and surviving those “hugs” you take so lightly are a feat of mind and body on par with yoga or suspension.

    I realize I’m being the “serious about a joke guy on the internet” right now but you’ve devoted a lot of column inches over the years defending your scene from people who don’t understand it, sad to see you do it back-handedly to someone else. Esp. when a huge percentage of said community is also modified!

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