Another day down by the iHung river

Every single time the gang gets together outside, magic happens.  This time is no different.

A couple weeks back Jason made the drive down from Toronto to Columbus to help xromance with a couple of suspensions.  What they caught on film was something that is becoming a staple of their portfolio, a tranquil setting for a life changing experience.  I caught flack from Jason a couple weeks ago over dinner when he told me to stop referring to him as iHung.  The fact is, iHung is much more than Jason.  Here’s what their mission statement says.

ihung consists of individuals who believe that it is our calling, as modern practitioners of ancient rituals, to find a balance between reverence and respect for the past and the latest techniques in order to provide safe, clean, positive and meaningful experiences.

With that said, lets get back to xromance’s 2-point suicide suspension.  Because as big a part of the experience as the team is, in the end it is all about the person suspending and what they personally get out of the experience.

To see a couple more shots with her in the air, keep on reading..

To see more suspensions from the iHung team, check our their BME gallery.

8 thoughts on “Another day down by the iHung river

  1. These make me jealous about wanting to be in her place. Thanks to ihung for submitting these images (there’s not that many groups who do that nowadays!) and to you for featuring them on here!

  2. I’m in Columbus, and this is the second suspension from the area I’ve seen. They’re lovely, and I’m not sure how to get in touch with those who would do one. Any ideas? Am I too much of a creeper if I just head to a shop and ask? (I’ve been told they do them, but I <3 my shop back home so I haven’t gotten any work done there.)

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