From Estonia, With Love..

This anonymous beauty hails from Tallinn, Estonia where Kat from Auriga Tattoo gave her a set of straightedge knuckles.  It’s not too often the straightedge tattoo gallery gets submissions, so if you’ve got some tattoos you want to share, please send them in.

And yes, her other hand has “FREE” across the knuckles.

9 thoughts on “From Estonia, With Love..

  1. it’s possible her other hand says “WHORE” on it, although she’d have to have squished two letters onto one knuckle.

  2. why start at visible hand tattoos if youre not heavily tattooed anywhere else? seems like a when I decide to drink or get a good job, it’ll be a problem. I’ve been sxe for 8 years but haven’t got a tattoo, LOVE being edge just have zero part in a scene, I do it for me.

  3. oh, tervitused eestisse 🙂
    didn’t know, that there are so many sxe ppl in estonia

    beatiful girl from a beautiful country 🙂

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