We’ve had a couple of cool looking corsets pop up in the corset piercing gallery in the past couple of weeks, so here’s one of the more recent additions.

This 25 point cross & star corset piercing was done by Shaun Benesh from Artisan Tattoo and Body Piercing in Eau Claire, WI.

8 thoughts on “Star-Crossed

  1. I would see the symbology of this piece as representing the domination of Satan over Christ. If that’s the case, I say bravo, Sir!

  2. this was an idea i had for my first corcett, i know its a little busy and ribbons could be a little thinner but i still had a blast doing this. i definatly plan on doing more creative ones cause once you see one sinple corcett you have seen them all. so be on the alert for more cool corcetts by me

  3. Haha, I ment corset, lol, one would think after the first misspelling I would see the other two. Ha! Corset

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