Guess What?

Never fear, the Guess What post is here!

This week’s image is I think one of my favorite ones to date.  It’s a delightfully creative use of jewelry.

sorry, no hints in the file name

So, think you know what it is?  Make your guess and keep on reading.

This ladies and gentlemen is a combination of a pair of transscotals and a full subincision.

By taking a look over in the transscrotal gallery, you can see that most of the parts are there (I couldn’t tell the status of his testicles from the images).

16 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. this is a very interesting sub incision, i wonder about the status of his testicles too, it looks like he could be a eunich, but not necessarily. i dont know, i would like to find out if he does have his testicles or not.

    otherwise, i think that this is an amazing modification, and im sure that he enjoys it everyday.

  2. I’m having a hard time working out exactly what it is i’m looking at. Not saying it is bad, just a bit confusing.

  3. @orrin: It sort of looks like the testicles just…moved up? Under where his fingers are…

  4. I would think the washers and screws would not be the most comfortable or would hold bacteria… looks neat… different…

  5. @Kat: i think ur right, i was looking at it again today, and i wonder what the last part of the incision felt like. i have 2 guiche piercings, and they hurt like hell, i couldnt imagine actually cutting that area. i bet that this dude gets a lot of sensation from having all of that open like that. anyways, this makes my meatotomy look like a paper cut, so cheers to this guy!!

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