The Virgin Sacrifice

There must be something in the water in St. Petersburg because it seems like every week the #Leeds Suspension Team comes up with yet another suspension related photo shoot.  What’s really incredible is that they’re continually upping the bar when it comes to using suspensions as an art form in their works.  This week we’ve got a piece entitled “Medieval Virgins”.

This is just one of a number of photos the crew sent in for this set, as well as a couple of other sets shot recently.  It’s definitely worth taking a few minutes and checking out the team’s BME gallery.

6 thoughts on “The Virgin Sacrifice

  1. Super dark, the hangman, no pun intended, the dress torn around the crotch and the copious blood on the thighs…love the way this tells a story, even if it is a little messed up :P

  2. haha, there is only high concentration of crawling in our water, LOL
    may be we are rust addicts? :D

  3. Oakbear
    unfortunately, #Leeds Suspensions are not situated in the UK.
    we are in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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