MILFtastic Monday

The last time we saw Rebecca she was just about ready to pop out her first child.  Well on Dec 30th of last year, baby Emory joined the family, making Rebecca a certified MILF.

You can check out more photos of the gorgeous Rebecca in the BMEGirls gallery.

29 thoughts on “MILFtastic Monday

  1. Yes! I have seen her before several times. I didn’ t know her name. She’s adorably cute and sexalicious.

  2. nice looking girl would be better without the ugly facial piercings but her ink is nice. just wonder when she is 40 how she will feel about it…

  3. Me wonders if Clarence is actually aware of what website they’re on.

    I have to agree with Nano though. Calling someone a milf isn’t exactly the nicest thing you could say.

  4. @Nano, you’re right. It was in jest, but I can see how it could be taken the wrong way. I’ll change it up.

  5. I don’t mind being called a milf haha Its kinda flattering.

    Clarence- I love all my modifications and I’m married so the only one I really need to impress when I’m 40 is my husband.

  6. Clarence’s response – though I’m a big believer in freedom of speech – but it’s pretty odd considering the kind of website this is.
    Like going on a catholic website and declaring: hey that priest gives a great sermon, pity about the cross hanging from his neck.

    She looks pretty damn sexy to me.

  7. You know? Clearly she is a “milf”. But everything about Becca is awesome. Everything.. A wonderful mother, a beautiful woman and everything else it takes to be a badass human being..

  8. @Clarence … douche.

    She’s gorgeous. Hope I’m that cute when I get round to making a sprog.

  9. It’s funny, my parents always told me my first words were “hot mama!”
    Anyways, she’s beautiful, mods and all, and congratulations!

  10. Who could hate on her piercings on THIS site? She’s absolutely adorable! Certified MILF indeed

  11. I Love my MILF wife! Clarence can suck it! shes hot, the world knows it, and hes just jealous cause I married her and have a beautiful family with her and not him! hahahahaha

  12. She’s a total Milf and a sweetheart in person to boot.
    And her mods, well beautiful!!!
    If he gets tired of them she can take them out or have them stitched like her lobes.
    Lookin great becca

  13. Wow, when did we all get so PC? Rebecca was a gorgeous girl before being a mom and she is a gorgeous girl after being a mom. After all the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, I’d damn well think being called a MILF would be a reassuring compliment. Something to remind a woman her body is not just for bearing and feeding children, but still a sexy and desireable object. I’d damn sure take it as a compliment, and anyone wanting to call me a DILF, feel free to.

  14. MILF is most often used in a derogatory way. I know it is now fashionable to try and reclaim derogatory terms but to be honest I would think that this site could come up with a more flattering descriptor for this beautiful lady.

  15. Cripes, really? Hell, when I overheard my son’s friend call me a MILF, I was happy! I couldn’t wait to tell my husband, whom laughed and said ” of course you are”. Rebecca is beautiful and may she always be a MILF! Maybe some of you are too young to appreciate what it means to a slightly older woman!

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