Gratuitous knee suspension

What better way to counter-balance this morning’s BMEBoy post, than with a gratuitous BMEGirl post.  msnaughtya here also happens to be hanging from her knees, so that’s always a good thing.

There are lot more photos in the knee suspension gallery that are definitely worth checking out.  The suspension was done in Columbus, OH by Mute-One, with photo credit going to Todd Eko

7 thoughts on “Gratuitous knee suspension

  1. the boobs in the first shot? i’ll be the first i’m guessing many pervy modbloggers to stand up and saw WOWSERS!


    Looks fun, idk if I could ever bring myself up to do a suspension, certainly not from the knees

  3. haha WOWSERS! Thanks for posting this!

    And yes…they are real! I did indeed grow them myself! =D Knee suspensions are so much fun!

  4. That looks like amazing fun!
    And I have to admit, the boobs in the first picture was definitely one of the first things I noticed 🙂

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