Afternoon Delight

Normally camera photo pictures don’t get posted, but with the resolution, and the composition being decent, not to mention the naked girl, I’m making an exception.

This fine looking lady goes by the name of stargazer289.

16 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight

  1. So glad you chose to reward the obvious painstaking effort that went into taking this photo

  2. i remember a time when modblog used to showcase the best of the best in body, beauty, ritual, art, advancement, and the industry as a whole. i am dismayed to see that slowly but surely, the quality of this site is dwindling. the girl in the photo is stunning. but the quality of the image is awful. as a fun quick bathroom mirror shot, it’s great. almost everyone has one on their iam page. but that’s not what modblog is for, last time i checked. you can see that there are tattoos on her body, but you can barely even make out what they are.

    i don’t understand how, of all the beautiful, high quality images i see on bme, that this one was chosen to be featured.

    again i have to say that this is NOTHING against the gorgeous girl in the photo, and nothing against the photo itself. i just think that images like that are best left to galleries and personal iam pages instead of modblog, which is supposed to, as i said, be the BEST of the BEST.

    would love to actually see some of her work up close.

  3. Sana, I completely agree. Taking some pride in taking the time to photograph your work instead of a quick myspace shot in the mirror would be much more appropriate for a modblog photo. That being said the photo would be great for her personal page. I’m disappointed to see this here. Modblog should be showcasing high quality, well thought out images.

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