16 thoughts on “He sees you!

  1. god i hope thats some sort of…i dont know, cream or something? just anything but ball cheese! cool otherwise though :)

  2. It’s just the tape. Some of it was slipping off and i tried to pull it off, but it only just got stringy, so w/e, haha. And the yellow is just another thicker layer of PTFE, and the purple is bondage tape.

  3. looks like you’re ready for bigger jewelry, and if you are, you should totally get rid of this tapey mess

    I can’t use ptfe at all because of that stringiness that happens. It drives me crazy.

  4. I like transcrotals, but what a fuc*ing shi**y “”jewelry”"…ugly. Custom jewelry shops exist (yes, really)…..

  5. Don’t think that’s teflon… Use it quite a lot in my garage for fixing stuff and never saw it turning out like that =/

    Never the less this is an awesome picture ^^

  6. haha it doesn’t look that bad. It’s obvious that it’s tape, definitely time for some new jewelry but kudos on the ball stretching! ;D

  7. i didnt even notice the stringyness. all i saw was an awesome mod and a hilarious picture. lighten up :) the same thing happens to me with PTFE tape, too. but only after having it in for a very very long time

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