This little abstract scar was sent in by mzellekaktus.  They’re crediting Skin of Steel as the artist from a shop called Angel Tattoo in Nice, France.

I’m sure this symbol is probably well known, but as I’ve shown time and time again, I’m not always in the know about everything.  In any case, it looks pretty original to me, and I hope that we get a follow-up on this one.

18 thoughts on “Electroscardiogram

  1. This is really cool! And in terms of a symbol, it just looks like a question mark to me.

  2. Unless it’s supposed to be some sort of PVC with a biphasic T wave… lol

  3. @Dagon… LOL, my bf experiences PVCs a LOT… so having seen his on screen it made me laugh.

  4. Bon artiste mais un grand pretentieux la parition de sa scar ici ne va que demultiplier son ego surdimenssionner

  5. lucky > Je ne le connais pas personnellement, mais je doute que cela ait un quelconque intérêt d’être posté ici… Le but est de parler scarification, pas faire part de son ressenti sur la personne et son caractère….
    / I don’t know the artist personnaly, but I don’t think that Modblog is the right place to speak about your resentment against him and his character… It is a place to speak about scarification.

  6. Je pense surtout que c’est une blague, c’est pas vraiment mon genre^^

    It’s so cool to see my job on Modblog!! Thanks! :)

  7. The bottom bit looks like a heart monitor graph with a drop of blood. That plus the question mark resemblance makes it a pretty cool thing to me!

  8. I figured it looked like a heart monitor question mark too but wondered if it meant something bigger like how we question from the moment our heart starts until it stops and to never give up your curiosity/search for knowledge and be the old person who keeps up with technology blahblahblah but I’m clearly reading too far into it

  9. Skin of Steel > Au temps pour moi, sans smiley ça semblait être une inutile attaque personnelle comme on en voit régulièrement dans les com’ ici et qui font partir en cou*lle les sujets. ;) …ce qui est saoulant. Je retire donc ce que j’ai dit. ;) En tous cas, félicitations à toi. ;)

  10. Ca va, avec des fautes d’orthographe grosses comme ça je sais qui c’est^^ Il est meuuuugnoooon!

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