A Different Kind of Corset

Here’s a fresh/partially healed corset scar which was done by Azl from Tattooatouage in Montreal.  I know that he did the bulk of the scarring, but the two large ones at the top look more surgical in nature.  Of course that could always be the look that the owner wanted.

12 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Corset

  1. Agreed Gilly. They border the corset scarring nicely and the partially healed side is looking great!

  2. I’m the guy in the picture, and those are indeed mastectomy scars.
    It’s been about three months since I had the corset done, now, and it looks great – Azl did an awesome job. :)

  3. The corset scar almost gives the illusion of a different body shape. I’d love to see a full body shot. :)

  4. Ian J: You beat me to that conclusion.

    Loving this scar and how the ones on the top border it. :) I also find it amusing how it sort of…borders the patch of hair on the belly.

  5. I love this piece. I’ve come back a few times to check what the initial scars were from as I had my doubts, thought they were too big to be from a mastectomy. The result: Your chest and body and interweaving scars work together to create a masculine artwork. Gorgeous.

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