The Monday Follow-up

Since I was away last week, we didn’t get a chance to see a Friday Follow-up.  Well to make it up to you, I’ve got a follow-up of a scar that I promised I would deliver.

Two weeks ago I posted a scar by Brian of a lion.  Due to the nature of how the person scarred, I had a feeling the scar would turn out to be pretty impressive.

As I mentioned before, that circular scar is a remnant from a case of chicken pox, meaning the scar tissue of the lion may very will puff up as well.  To see how the scar looks now, you know what to do.

Sure enough the scar turned out great.  Brian used cuts of different depths to give the mane the layered look it has, with the deepest cuts being used for the outlines of the face and paws.  Brian did a lot of work in Ohio over the weekend, so keep an eye on his gallery to see his latest creations.

13 thoughts on “The Monday Follow-up

  1. Hopefully this will shut up the people that said all the small cuts would not show up well and this would not look right when healed.

  2. Now that it’s healed, the little chicken pox scar doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

    It looks awesome. This guy should get more scars done. :D *is jealous of his ability to scar*

  3. Absolutely stunning. Getting the depth of the main and features has made a huge difference.

  4. that turned out super awesome. it looks like a great Pyrenees more then a lion .

  5. Why didn’t that comment show up all the way…? SHE* should get more scars. I guess I’m bad at telling the sex of a person by the shoulder area alone…

  6. It probably didn’t show up because you used those brackets and this thing tried to read it as html.

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