Out on a limb

This is, quite simply, one of the finest lizard tattoos I’ve seen.  The color palette used in the leaves, combined with a design that gives a feeling of movement, really made this one stand out to me.

Now my Google-fu was weak today, so the best guess I have as to the type of lizard is a flying gecko.  I’m hoping the artist, Roger from Star City Tattoo in Roanoke, VA or perhaps some herpetologist will be able to identify it.

7 thoughts on “Out on a limb

  1. @Kimmie: I am amused that that’s what it’s called. Cool creature.

    I love how well this tattoo fits her leg & wraps around her ankle. Great job with the colors and all.

  2. national geographic showed it in 20 years 20 amazing creatures very nice work dude loving it when i saw then small image i knew exactly what it was and had to click it to have a gander very cool

  3. This is on my bud Ron, much of the work he asks for is nature related. Wait till you see his other foot! You are all in for a treat. Cameron, I’m not gonna stop. I have enough work to keep you all busy for a long time to come. Roanoke!!!!!!!!!!

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