Bleeding roses

Be it cutting or burning, Brian has scarification down to a science.  This recent cutting of his shows exactly why he is a master of both. It should be noted that Brian has had this design planned out for over 6 years, and only recently found someone to put it on.

With his skilled hand he was able to carve this image out of flesh, only to follow it up by branding sections to create shading.  It’s exquisite and really shows why Brian is one of the finest scarification artists working today.

5 thoughts on “Bleeding roses

  1. is it too cliche to say “I want that!”? Please tell me this is coming as a friday follow-up in the future?

  2. I wonder if this is just a girl, or a depiction of an actual person.. if it is a portrait of someone that is absolutely incredible

  3. WOW…. I love it.. Good Job Brian Decker. You are truly Inspirational….

  4. I was so beyond stoked and honored to have Decker do this piece on me . Absolutely can’t wait for more work by him…. Thank you Brian

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