Guess where?

Alright, so the headline may be a little misleading, but it’s relevant to the photo, so that counts right?  In case you haven’t heard, the BMEShop is having a massive sale right now.  In celebration of the new IAM the BMEShop is giving everyone 10% off for every year that the new IAM has been in development.  Which means, you get 30% off everything (excluding dvds).  Simply use the code: 3years to get your discount.  There was a problem with the code in that is was falsely coming back as expired, but that has now been fixed.  This sale is going on until August 19th, so if there’s been something you’ve been eying in the BMEShop, now’s the time to buy!

Oh, and just had an update from the boss lady, the new IAM is on schedule to be launched tomorrow afternoon at the lastest!!!

Everything is on sale at the BMEShop until August 19th!!  Discount code: 3years

3 thoughts on “Guess where?

  1. oh wait that shirt isn’t in stock* either.

    *in mens

    Seriously, I’m trying to throw money at you and you won’t take it. Dislike.

  2. Oh my goodness, her choker, i haven’t seen one of those since like 1998. I forgot they existed!

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