Elbows and knees

“You have two elbows, You have two knees
Perhaps you’ve wondered why you need these

They can be funny looking there is no doubt
But here’s how elbows and knees can help you out”


“Hanging down from a trapeze
You need your legs bending at the knees”

-Tyrone Davis “Elbows and Knees“, Sesame Street

Here’s another shot from one of the monthly Suspension Sundays that Christchurch’s Skindependent Suspension holds.  You should go check out their BME Gallery as it has quite a few more photos of this suspension in particular, including some close-ups of that forehead hook.  I’ve never seen a suspension quite like this before, so if anyone has a name for it, I’m all ears.  From what I can tell it’s an 8pt leg, 6pt forearm, 1pt forehead coma.

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