15 thoughts on “You know you’re a cute little heartbreaker

  1. I love this design. I managed to get a big beautiful print of it from Erin at a convention earlier this year. Wonderfully placed onto skin too. Love it

  2. BTW, for credits sake:

    Tattoo by: Tominator (toms-tattoos.com) [japan]
    Original print by: Erin Chance (sacredtattooshop.com) [New Zeland]
    Done while guest spotting at: First Blood [Sydney, Australia]

    Just in case anyone was after some URLs. 🙂

  3. great stuff comming out of that first blood place , im in brisbane but think i should make the trip out to sydney for these guys

  4. Funny I hear the crack fox thing all the time in relation to this piece, but I’ve never actually seen it! Guess I should huh. Glad people like my paintings ^_^

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