Everybody into the pool!

Quick, someone save Meizy, she’s being attacked by an octopus!  Oh wait, that octopus isn’t attacking her.  It’s actually a photo from Julian Murray’s new book Tattoos and Tentacles.  I heard about the book a few months back, however the bookstore up here didn’t have a copy.  The holidays are coming up if anyone is feeling generous.*

*don’t actually buy me anything, Rachel will kill me if she thinks I’m using ModBlog to get presents

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20 thoughts on “Everybody into the pool!

  1. Seems like a cool concept for a single shoot but a whole book of that sounds damn boring.

  2. this is really disgusting to see. Would you have posted this had it been any other dead animal? seriously, so discouraging to see on BME

  3. Gotta agree with 4 and 5… I don’t see the eroticism of this photo at all. Perhaps we could have had a dead cat or dog? They’re eaten in Eastern countries too, so I’m sure the “food stuff” argument someone would inevitably use to justify the use of a dead animal won’t be thrown in once you factor in their yumminess to Asians. :)

  4. Wooo hoooo animal exploitation! Cause as long as a naked chicks around, it’s aaaaalll good right!l
    Right?! Right????!!! Kill em all

  5. Loveeeeddd this photo, till I read the comments and realised that they were dead… upon further googling the vegetarian inside me felt quite ill.

    Sad faces.

  6. What is with the octopus obsession on modblog? Seems every other day an octopus tattoo, scar, someone with an octopus is being posted.
    This picture is just disgusting.

  7. I, too, have been wondering about the current octopus craze. And not just on BME, but everywhere. They are fascinating creatures, but I prefer to see them walking the bottom of the ocean rather than draped over some chicks breasts

  8. Dissapointed with Modblog. I don’t usually complain about much. No really. However the asian girl in the paddling pool avec dead octopus is totally twatty. Why not go for some other niche porn? How about some shit smearing, or pretty girls puking in each others mouths? Dead animal porn = disgusting and is not in the tradition of BME .

  9. I also find this offensive and I am pretty hard to offend. Animals should not be objectified this way I feel about this as strongly as I feel about child pornography.

  10. +1 to the statements in comment #9. Another silly trend exemplified here is tattoos on sides/ribcages. As if any silly splatter of ink is instantly made more “awesome” by being tattooed on a person’s side.

  11. I hear a lot of bitching about modblog material lately, I agree that many of the posts are perhaps not ‘modblog material’ – but the authors can only work with what they are sent in.

    If you don’t like Octopus themed stuff, submit other pics! Spend your time keeping the community thriving with fresh concepts.


  12. Firstly… http://news.bmezine.com/2009/04/04/let-me-do-my-job/

    I know it’s in a completely different setting/atmosphere, but animals have been used on here before none-the-less for viewer entertainment sake.

    Secondly.. Joeltron said it best. If you’re going to complain then do your part and help the community out by doing something unique and submitting it. They can only work with what they have. One thing I’ve noticed that is creating this mind-set of a downfall, is just that. This mind-set that everyone is getting into that it’s going downhill. How about doing something positive rather then tear In to every little thing. Or instead of ripping on everything how about offer some constructive criticism?

    Don’t get me wrong, having a legitimate reason for not liking something (such as justifying exploitation with a ‘hot’ broad), is completely understandable. But keep it as such. Bitch about a post. Not BME as a whole. That way you’re still making your point known, but keeping the community in a positive manner. It is OUR community after all. Just a thought.

  13. If noting noteworthy or fresh is submitted, post nothing. No need to accept scraps as news, trend breaking, clever, artistic, etc..

  14. I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
    People need to stop bitching about modblog. If youread modblog you do not become an expert on body modification and therefore should not act accordingly.

  15. @reggie

    I think their goal is to keep modblog going despite less than stellar submissions. You can’t just say ok guess there’s nothing for me to post this week—>this year—>forever so I just won’t.

    They’re trying to keep it alive and hope that it gains popularity that leads to more submissions

  16. While I agree that this is nothing extraordinary, I don’t give a crap that she’s draping what may very well be a dead octopus on her body. I also think this is relatively modblog worthy. Girl with tattoos. Promoting a book about tattoos. Makes sense to me.

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