Guess What?

Today’s Guess What is a good one.  Well, at least I think it is. Keep in mind when making your guess that there are multiple piercings present, and one or more may or may not be be fresh.

Think you know what it is?  Make a guess then read on to see if you’re right!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the next step in a process that I’ve been covering for almost a year now.  It all started with the now infamous “Anglerfish” piercing.

Next up was a step that caused a bit of controversy.  It involved our friend here going through a nullification process, followed by his eating of the remaining flesh.

Which brings us to today’s guess what.  As you saw, his nullification removed the vast majority of his piercings.  Well since the nullification he’s gotten pieced quite a few times, and now he looks like this.

Now this photo was taken at a different angle than the other photos, but you can figure out where everything is fairly easily.  What I think is the coolest part of this whole process is how he’s managed to recreate the look that he had prior to the nullification, simply though creative piercing placement.

To see more angles, as well as the order he put the jewelry in, head on over to the Male Nullification gallery.

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22 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. facehugger genitals again!

    so is this eventually leading to everything being chopped or is he keeping the rest?

  2. Aah I bet that’s a split penis with piercings in the spilt bit – correct !

    That rolled off my tongue far too easily, I scare myself, and even more amusingly my friends, with such knowledge ;o)

  3. Oh no ! I only checked the last pic – I just now scrolled up further and saw what I missed seeing !!

    That bottom pic was a funny looking penis, and with all the piercings, they’re looking far too tough for balls ?

  4. So I skipped all the text and headed straight for the photos, and I was like “This silly guy already posted these”

  5. ive gotta say its the first time ive been mildly grrossed out on bme but hats off to the guy for having the guts to do it

  6. had no idea, guessed vagina because its been a while.. i was wrong..
    Who is this, and do anyone know if there was a special reason for doing this?
    If i met someone looking like that i would be really freaked out at first, but quite fascinated too =P

  7. I’m all for doing whatever to your body, but what would a doctor doing a physical say? I mean I know I get a lot of shit for having a lipring from the dentist…but…I don’t know what a medical professional could say about this

  8. I guess he doesnt enjoy sex…
    I dont understand at all why or how someone could do this to themselves! Is it worth the pain? I have a disease eating away at my genitals (one i was born with) and i would give anything to have all my bits normal!

  9. i wonder if how i feel when i see this is how other people feel when they see my piercings and tattoos

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