Guess What?

It’s a black and white photo for today’s Guess What.  You know the drill, I post a cropped photo, you guess what it is, then read on to see if you guessed right.

I had to blow it up a little, so the resolution isn’t the greatest, but you should still be able to figure it out.

For a little patch of flesh, that spot has a lot of names.  Technically it’s the perineum, but when it comes to piercing, it’s the guiche.  Add to that list, taint, chode, durf, etc. and you’ve got a veritable thesaurus of names.  This particular guiche was pierced by Vanessa from Pattie’s Piercing in Campbelltown, NSW

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9 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. It’s a shame that the horizontal one isn’t sitting straight. Apart from that very cool. I love triangular designs. Especially with piercings

  2. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing these unusual piercings and other modifications, but do you think maybe you could posts things other than male genitalia?

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