Guess What?

Today’s Guess What? is an interesting one.  Or is it?  Is it a surface piercing, or something completely different?  Only one way to know, make a guess and read ahead to see if you’re right.

Think you know?  Take a guess and read on…

Alright so after a trip through the BMEWiki I couldn’t find mention of this piercing anywhere, so unless someone else has named it prior to this, I’ll refer to this as a “Sandra” piercing.  Here’s what Martin Lysdah from Gorlubb Piercing in Copenhagen has to say about this particular piercing.

This is a surface piercing placed between the buttocks above the anus. This placement was chosen by the client, Sandra, because she had a hole where her foetal tail had been. Normally this hole closes up completely, but not on her, so she wanted to have it pierced. I agreed to do it after warning her about the dangers of being pierced near the anus. The reason why the gemstone tilts to the left is because her tailbone extends further down towards her anus than on other people. It pushes the bar underneath the surface to the right. I chose the name this piercing after her, Sandra.

So, it’s a surface piercing, but it also passes through a hole left behind from the vestigial tail she had while an embryo.  Given how rare that factor is, I can’t see too many people having this particular piercing.

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13 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. okay lets rename it the “paddy” seeing as he/she seems like an asshole, its pretty much fitting.

    always a pissing contest with u piercers…. ugh.

  2. That is really lovely on a beautiful bum. I have a similar piercing, it has grown out once in five years and been replaced. I just wish my bottom was half so pretty. Thank you, be happy. Piercedcock.

  3. it actually was the point that its nothing new – still makes me laugh that by pointing something out you call me an asshole – call it what you want but in my shop we nicknamed it the “bum crack” suppose that makes me a dick too. joesph – you must also be an asshole seeing as you being a piercer have done a piercing too.

  4. I had a client come in with one of these calling it a “valley piercing” and she had a navel barbell embedded in between her ass cheeks that I had to pop out. Said her friend did it in his basement. Smart.

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