Feels like the first time..

Feels like the very first time!

Sorry, I have that song stuck in my head now so I thought I would share my pain.  Speaking of sharing, the First Blood crew is sharing the photos from their Hooks ‘n Hearts event from a few weeks back.  We’ve already seen the winner of the “nakedest” suspension, so here’s the winner of the “Best First Time” suspension.  I don’t know what the qualifications for getting the award were, but she does look like she’s having a great time, and that’s good enough for me.

First Blood is located in Sydney, Australia.

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3 thoughts on “Feels like the first time..

  1. It was very difficult choosing just one “Best 1st Timer”…. luckily we ordered two awards because we knew just how many amazing first timers we had lined up!

    We gauged the ‘best’ from the crowd response mostly, but it mostly came down to how much fun the person experienced while getting up and swinging around. Every single first timer got off the ground and had a ball!

  2. San: in a dual-dynamic riggng, such as this, tie-offs to the hooks is not only very commonly done but also prefered.

    We wanted her to have more arm movement and flexibility, while also reducing the risk of tearing in the thinner (8g) hooks in her arms.

    Granted, aesthetically it would look ‘cleaner’ with the knots at the rig, but I feel comfort and simplicity an advantage for any suspension.

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