Accessorizing for the Season

When you go to make your holiday corsets this year, remember to always co-ordinate your outfits and hair styles with the ribbon colours.  The last thing you want is to show up at an office party with clashing ribbons.

9 thoughts on “Accessorizing for the Season

  1. The most impractical thing I’ve ever seen. So…you go through all this pain and *pay money* for 10 minutes of wearing it before you have to untie them to pee, scratch yourself or eat? Okay then. Whatever floats your boat.

  2. Tia, thats the ENTIRE point. They are temporary piercings. You get them knowing they wont heal anyway.

  3. tia, thats exactly the point….. i mean why bother getting a haircut? its just gonna grow out in a month…. and theres no point in wearing makeup, youre only gonna take it off at the end of the day….

    beautiful work, beautiful girl 🙂

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