Paper Crane

This may be one of the most beautiful sets of suspension photos I’ve posted.  Thanks to The Sinner Team for sending these in.  Be sure to check out their gallery for more photos of this suspension.\

I want these framed and on my wall.

5 thoughts on “Paper Crane

  1. After seeing a video called 12 6 2
    by the Sinner Team.. I think this girl
    was in that video, I had become a member
    here.and wanting to say it was something I had
    never seen b4, and was absolutely amazed!
    In her suspensions, whatever her positions,
    she sleeps, she’s flying, with grace.
    Thank you.

  2. (I want these framed and on my wall.)

    hi Rob)
    I saw that u post my pics from time to time)) from studio and suspension picnic)
    and im very happy that ppl on BME like them))

    tomorrow we r going to studio44)The Sinner Team will come up with a lot of interesting suspencions and im going make alot of new pics)

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