1 ticket to the gun show please

Babakhin Dmitry from Babakhin Tatau does it again with yet another tribal blackwork piece.  This one looks like he incorporated some almost Egyptian motifs.

Oh and the guy doesn’t look half bad either.

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4 thoughts on “1 ticket to the gun show please

  1. @SillyKiwiMan: You’re probably right. The upper designed reminded me of a scarab, hence the Egyptian connection.

  2. the patterned lines and heavy blocks seem to represent marquesan tattoo style, but to a fact i poin picked out men had less curving blocks in there designs then women

  3. Check out the grubby pukana haha! That’s a koruru at the top there, it’s an approximation that doesn’t actually follow any tribal style (there are three major distinct tribal styles, Tairawhiti, Waikato, and another that I can’t remember right now) and is obviously done more as a stylised interpretation using Maori as inspiration.

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