Turn the other cheek

1 point ass suspension.  I don’t think anything else needs to be said.

I love how The Sinner Team mounts a camera right to the rigging.

Update:  Here’s the video..

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13 thoughts on “Turn the other cheek

  1. @tobias: It should load now. As for the harness, I think she was only a couple of feet off the ground for this one, so they didn’t use a harness.

  2. Second pic still not loading for me
    @Stanislav: The stuff you guys do is incredible, keep up the good work 🙂

  3. What kind of ridiculous sh*t were you smoking setting up the rigging? The fewest links are best. It looks like block & fall -> carabiner -> paw plate -> carabiner -> runner -> carabiner -> ass. That’s about 4 links too many.

    In the future, I’d recommend heading to your local yacht shop. They make shackles for sail rigging that will release under load, so if there is tearing, you can drop the individual immediately instead of lowering them

  4. “Rigger”:
    looks like block & fall -> carabiner -> paw plate -> carabiner -> runner -> carabiner -> ass

    in this suspension the paw plate was used only for mounting Go-Pro camera to make a good footage from the up. sometimes i mount this cameras not to paw plate, just to the block – but when you mount it to blocks and a person who suspensds starts to spin – the speed of spinning of the person and the camera are different. not very good for makeing a nice video. so this time i used paw plate not for suspension rigging – it is just a platform for camera for makeing a good footage when it is moveing the same speed as the person.

    if you want to make a good video – sometimes you should think about more things that only hooks. you should buy one GoPro – and you’ll understand what im talking about 🙂 true rigging-camera

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