The Friday Follow-up

For this next scarification, we head back to Brooklyn, NYC where Brian Decker created this beautiful snail cutting/branding combo for IAM: Polareyez, which was featured back in October.

Here’s how it looks today.

As you can see, it’s much lighter than the scar I posted earlier today.  While it’s located on the lower abdomen, and it was cut by Brian, that’s where the similarities stop.  Genetics, skin type, aftercare, and many other factors can change how a scar forms on a person.

One of the main reasons I started up the Friday Follow-up posts was to showcase just how varied scars can heal, in addition to showcasing the many talented scarification artists out there.  To date there have been over 60 follow-up posts, and I hope to continue the tradition as long as I can.  So artists, and those of you with scars, send in your photos to BME (both fresh and healed) so we can keep the Friday Follow-up going for another 60 weeks.

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