BMEGirls are Intoxicating

Especially when their name is IntoXiKate.

Whoops, I seem to have accidentally cropped the photo, lets try that again after the jump.

There we go.  Be sure to check out Kate’s IAM Page, as well as the BMEGirls gallery for more photos.

7 thoughts on “BMEGirls are Intoxicating

  1. stunning! she bears a resemblance to eatenplacenta just with the facial structure. mods aside.

  2. I’m staring at the cable, trying to determine whether it is a short zip-style SCSI cable or a parallel one, notwithstanding the fact that she’s probably one of the most attractive girls on the planet (and no, that’s not a hyperbole).

    What’s wrong with me, people?

  3. @Trashy Anomaly well, maybe on this pic yes) but we are really different ) with our facial structure) specially with my current look =)

    @spaghetti eater O_O so cute =3 sorry I don’t know what is this cable…a friend gave it for the shooting)

  4. Kinda curious about the rib tattoo because it looks like there is a permanent piercing or rope there… or am i just hallucinating…????

    either way super adorable and loving the makeup with the mods. :)

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