7 thoughts on “BMEGirls are Intoxicating

  1. stunning! she bears a resemblance to eatenplacenta just with the facial structure. mods aside.

  2. I’m staring at the cable, trying to determine whether it is a short zip-style SCSI cable or a parallel one, notwithstanding the fact that she’s probably one of the most attractive girls on the planet (and no, that’s not a hyperbole).

    What’s wrong with me, people?

  3. @Trashy Anomaly well, maybe on this pic yes) but we are really different ) with our facial structure) specially with my current look =)

    @spaghetti eater O_O so cute =3 sorry I don’t know what is this cable…a friend gave it for the shooting)

  4. Kinda curious about the rib tattoo because it looks like there is a permanent piercing or rope there… or am i just hallucinating…????

    either way super adorable and loving the makeup with the mods. 🙂

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