Leather and Lace

Here’s a pair of BMEGirls to help get you through the afternoon.  One is SFW, the other, not so much.

First up is Caroline452, with photography by Elusive Dream Studio.

For the next picture, you know what to do.

And here we have a familiar face, although I don’t think we’ve ever been given her name.

Photo credit goes to Photography by David.  Tattoos by Nigel Smith from Murray Bridge Tattoo and Body Piercing.

13 thoughts on “Leather and Lace

  1. Save for work? My thoughts on the first pictue are most definitely something else… *blush*

  2. @caroline452 is your nipple tattooed to look like a heart or was that just for the shoot? either way, i love it!

  3. Im the girl in the second photo @jessica and my nipple is tattooed so that my areola looks like a love heart

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