Guess What?

I can pretty much say with confidence that very few people will guess this correctly.  So much so that I’ll even give you a hint:  It’s not what you think it is.

Read on to see just how wrong you were.

Skin tag piercings are pretty rare.  Anal piercings are also pretty rare.  The fact that this is an anal skin tag piercing, well, there’s no way you could have guessed this one.

Big thanks to Joeltron for not only sending this is, but also cropping the photo for me.

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20 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. well… I did get it somewhat right, I got anal area right, and on top of that I guessed “some kind of skin thingy that not everyone has” :-)

  2. This is the description from the image (
    “One of my good friends has had this skin tag since she was 16. She has thought about getting it removed a few times, however thought it would be cooler to decorate it instead! Pretty neat piercing, the tissue had ample blood supply and was soft like mucous membrane tissue (very similar to an inner labia).”

    I had a good ‘play’ with the tissue first, to check it for any large capillaries and density of tissue. It felt, in texture and density, the same as an inner-labia.

    She said that she had it checked by a doctor at a young age and he said it was just a normal skin-tag, brought on by a medical condition she has had nearly her whole life.

    It’s also a good 2/3″ away from her actual anus and from what I hear is healing up surprisingly nicely (without any poop problems!). She lives quite a ways away, but I’m hoping for a decent healed photo within the coming months.

    I wanted to wait until I knew it was healing well before posting this image, as with ALL strange and unusual piercings – they are unusual for a reason. That reason is usually because they fuck up easily.

  3. I guessed it correctly, but only because I saw it from Joeltron first. This was a good one, rob.

  4. my guess was anal-skin-something. thought it would be closer to the hole, but it’s at least a half point for me as well ;)

  5. I’ve seen too many naughty videos I suppose because I’ve seen too many anal skin tags. This is the first pierced one though! And I got it right… For once…

  6. FYI Rob

    Anal piercings are way easy to guess. so. damn. easy.

    first, an anus in unmistakable. so i see anus, and then something pierced above it thats not genitalia. It is then clearly that skin thing some women have above their bumholes. Maybe i have an advantage, i like playing with them :D

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