Guess What?

I’m not going to lie.  I think this is probably a really easy one to guess, and I’m sure most of you will get it, but I have been wrong in the past, so we’ll see what happens.

Once you think you know what it is, click ahead to see if you’re right.

This triple HCH was done by Joeltron from First Blood in Sydney.  He has this to say about it…

12g/10g/8g HCH (horizontal clitoral hoods). Prolly’ one of the funnest genital projects I have done and the client was an ABSOLUTE pleasure to work on. She was open to suggestions, had fantastic anatomy for this project and took it like an total champ. Ladies: your junk is lovely! Bling that shit up!

Joel also provided the cropped image for today’s post.

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11 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. I saw it on Joeltron’s facebook feed, so I already knew. Still very lovely.

  2. I guessed FTM CLICK LADDER damn, thought they might’ve been barbells not needles

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