Jah Rastafari

There aren’t a lot of Rastafarian tattoo submitted these days.  But, thanks to Wang at Tattoo Temple, we’ve got a “Lion of Zion” for your viewing pleasure.

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3 thoughts on “Jah Rastafari

  1. Um, you mean Lion of Judah, right?

    In the context of Rastafari, the Lion of Judah was Haile Selassie I. He was known as “The Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah”.

    I’ve never really heard of a Lion of Zion. Iron, Lion, Zion, perhaps, but no Lion of Zion.

  2. @Jon P: I just went by Wang’s description. I’ll add quotes to it to clear up the confusion.

  3. Love the style, I always enjoy something that is something a bit from the norm.

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