“But what will you look like when you’re pregnant?”

I’m sure a lot of tattooed women have heard that phrase before.  And the answer is pretty simple.  They’ll look beautiful.

IAM: Kryz13

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3 thoughts on ““But what will you look like when you’re pregnant?”

  1. <3 Gorgeous photo!

    But “that phrase” usually referrers to women with tattooed bellies, right? Because of the assumed tattoo distortion due to skin stretching. Is this a myth or does that happen? I’ve never seen a tattooed pregnant belly before *IMDB Search*

  2. Amazingly beautiful!

    As a modified mom of a six week old, I can say my (large) stomach tattoo survived without a single problem! It helps that I moisturized daily with cocoa butter from the day I found out I was pregnant. The colour has faded slightly, but it’s also an older tattoo as well.

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