McKrazy BMEBoys

IAM: Andrae was nice enough to send in some photos to the BMEBoys gallery.  Be sure to thank him.

BME is up for a small business grant and we need your support!!
Visit, sign in using facebook, search for “BME”, and click the vote button! Voting ends June 30th, so vote today!

More details here.

13 thoughts on “McKrazy BMEBoys

  1. Why bme boys are so gays and bme girls so hot? put some hot guys for the girls :p

  2. Actually Yo, Andrae is a good friend of mine, totally straight, and in a happy relationship with a wonderful girl!

  3. Andrae is actually one of the most talented and dedicated body modification specialists I have ever met, not to mention the best looking. The no hair thing is totally true and I dig it. He is also mine. <3

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