A Wednesday Follow-up

I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a follow-up to Naoise-Ryan Isreal‘s foot branding that was featured a few weeks back.  Now normally the follow-ups come on Friday, but since these photos were taken only a few days after the branding, it’s only fair that the first follow-up come a little early as well.  For those that don’t remember, here’s the initial branding by Samppa.

Yep, it still makes my toes curl up when I see it, which makes this one of the very few things capable of doing that.  Of course, these healing photos make me cringe even more.

Now remember, these were taken only 4 days after the initial branding.  Be sure to keep an eye on Naoise-Ryan’s IAM page, as well as his BME Bonus Gallery for more updates.  I’ll also be doing a Friday Follow-up for these once they’ve had a couple of months to heal.

2 thoughts on “A Wednesday Follow-up

  1. Well, much as I’ve been a big Shannon fan for awhile [helps that a Lady friend of mine has the same name!], four months after MY boot skin brand, I can assure everyone (plus the Shannons!) it’s still very much there- almost healed but not out-
    and anyone who wants to drop me a line via IAM or [email protected]
    is welcome to ask or say whatever they want. Cheers, Naoise-Ryan

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