The Friday Follow-up

As promised yesterday, today’s follow-up is going to be a look at Misty’s (IAM:Southtownbaby) first scarification piece.  We first saw it back in April of last year, and then again in June for a 3 month follow-up post.

Here’s how it looked originally..

And here’s how it looks today, with some roses that Misty added recently.

This one really show how differently scars can heal on different people, and even how much scarification can differ on areas of the body.  You’ll notice more definition closer to the knee than there is at the top based entirely on the movement of the flesh in that area.  Looking back on the fresh photo you can see that the scarification was done evenly, that’s just how this person heals.  In any case, Misty did a great job for her first time out, and clearly the client is happy as he went back to her for the roses.

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