Ear Pointing and Ultrablack Eyes

In my recent post about Samppa’s ear pointing technique, I commented that his style is nice because it’s so stable — the ear isn’t healing under pressure or tension, so the healed result pretty much looks like the ear fresh in terms of shape. The more traditional method, at least in cases where more radical results are desired, changes a great deal during its healing period. However, these changes — the way it stretches the tissue into a new shape — allow for results that are unique to that procedure, so I don’t see the technique being superseded any time soon. These examples on a customer of Moscow based Pavel Chernishov (vk.com/pavel_keek, ANGEL studio) show just how much things can adapt in the healing process.



Speaking of Pavel’s work, this picture of a customer whose tongue he split and eyes tattooed has to be one of the blackest-of-black eye tattoos I’ve ever seen done. I actually lightened up the picture like crazy to see if it had been photoshopped, but no, it’s really this wild looking.


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4 thoughts on “Ear Pointing and Ultrablack Eyes

  1. ear pointing looks amazing. wish i had the balls to go through with it. eye tattooing with forever freak me out (simply because its eyes) looks very cool though.

  2. Wow. I’m amazed at the ear pointing and how well it healed. Shannon, you recently posted some horror story ear pointings clearly done poorly etc, but I would have honestly had my doubts at the outset of this one based on the relatively sharp angles here. Have we explored the limits of how sharp we can actually go? Could those other ear pointings have been pulled off by someone more skilled with a scalpel despite the ridiculous angles? My favorite ear pointing to date is definitely the most recent one posted that Samppa did. That work is just so beautifully done. He really is an artist… And a psycho. :-)

  3. I wish the ultra-black-eyed person would go through ear pointing as well. Would look stunning and fit the style!!

  4. I’d like to see an interview with all the tattooed eye people and their answer to the question of whether they’d considered the risk of going blind and if they’d made any plans (financial, personal, etc) for the chance that the procedure could blind them now or at some time in the future.

    Also, how do they balance the risk of total loss of eyesight with the reward of having coloured eyes? I don’t mean this to sound like an attack – it’s genuine curiosity.

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