God Gets Stoned

Happy Memorial Saturday, America! What better way enjoy a long weekend than with, hmm, a tattoo of a platypus, nature’s most perfect killing machine? Hey, works for me. The lady above writes in:

So I went to the tattoo expo in Spokane, Washington, yesterday and my friend asked me when I was going to get a platypus on me. I’ve always wanted one. So he went up so this guy, and asked if he’d do a tattoo. Daniel, the artist, was super stoked to do it and drew it out that night. I went back today thinking for $100 I’d have a little wimpy platty drawn out…and instead he showed me this almost full page sketch! He’s an awesome guy and kicked butt at making an “old school” looking platypus. I’m in love with it. The end.

More shots after the jump? You bet your sweet duck-billed ass there are.

(Tattoo by Daniel from Hopeless Ink in Vancouver, Washington.)

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33 thoughts on “God Gets Stoned

  1. She’s so cute (especially in the last pic!) I love all the colors in the tattoo
    What’s the chemical compound tattooed on her wrist?

  2. #1, it’s serotonin and noradrenaline you can see more on my myspace. #4 it’s platypi, thank you.

    platty doesn’t have a name yet, i’m up for suggestions :)

  3. That platypus scares the shit out off me! :D The eyes and the claws,good god!
    But cool colous,though.

  4. actually, the plural of playtpus (as with the plural of octopus) is up for debate. platypi is a plural based on second declension latin nouns (-us singular, -i plural) but the -pus of platypus is actually from a greek word. from the greek, platypodes would be the most correct plural. as with octopi/octopodes/octopuses, platypuses is also accepted as a plural form. just putting that out there before a squabble about plurals.
    nerd love!

  5. what a hottie…and not to mention she comes with a beautiful tattoo(or tattoos) =D

  6. 100$ only because she was a sweet pretty lady, a close friend asked me to hook her up, and I wanted to enter it into competition…. Definitely not what I would normally price such work at.

  7. thats so rad! its bright and really well done. how about Pete the Platypus?

  8. i vote to name him Norbert! :D

    awesome tattoo, i LOVE the vibrant colors! and i’m also SO jealous of her hair, i would die to have my hair agree to a cut like that.

    and i second the “i want the poster” bit. :D

  9. Platypuses is actually correct; ‘platypi’ is pseudo-Latin, although it’s often used.

    Love the tattoo though!

  10. Although I love the colors of the Platypus, and that it’s really unique, I think I like the serotonin and noradrenaline more because it’s simple (i love simple tattoos haha) and I took Organic chem :-)

  11. erm… the tail is wrong….
    It should be relatively short and thick- not long and thin…. sorry- except that, it is a supercute “Schnabeltier”-as we call it ;)

  12. This is brilliant.
    I’ve never seen a real life, wild platypus.
    I don’t think many Australians have. Tricky little critters, they are.

  13. #7……#4 and #22 are most definitely correct the accepted plural for platypus is platypuses, as # 22 was getting at its a Greek word not Latin so plurals do not get an -i ending. Barring that you can use ‘platypus’ as both the singular and plural.

    Its a common mistake, thanks to octopi (which is also technically wrong but that has been in wide spread use for so long its an accepted “word”.

    I should know as i am a platypus researcher, that is literally the SECOND question EVERYONE asks when the find out what i do, the first question varies but the second is ALWAYS “so, whats the plural of platypus anyways?” LOL

    some people said that the proportions are of (as well as several anatomical features), but its in an old school style not photorealistic portrait style so i get that and like it. :)

    ps. lots of platypus pics on my iam page if thats your thing

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