Guess What? “Kissing Cousins” Edition

Greetings! Welcome back to this summer’s second-highest-grossing blockbuster, Guess What?, currently sporting a hearty 84 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. The rules here are quite simple: You honest people take a look at our clue up there, try to guess what sinful part of the human anatomy it is, and then the first person to get it right (without cheating—we know if you’re cheating. We have our ways) wins a prize! This week’s reward? A helicopter ride to the moon!* Here’s another hint: Thematically, what we have above is not entirely dissimilar to this twin Wolf Jesus erotica from earlier today. And hey, after the jump? A bonus photo, just for being so sweet.

*Helicopter ride leaves from Mars. Winner is responsible for transporting him- or herself to the launch pad.

Hey, pretty cute, right? I’m pretty sure they’re spooning in the top picture, and the second one here? That’s just some gentle necking. (Heading?) Really though, this is one of the (relatively) many wonderfully healed bisections we’ve seen over the last little while—very moderate scarring, healthy size to both halves and, quite honestly, a winsome demeanor fairly uncharacteristic of anonymous genitals.

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Guess What? Tuesday Edition

Welcome, all, to America’s fastest-growing carpentry sex party, Guess What?, coming to you LIVE with a special(?) Tuesday edition! You know the rules: Up there is some sort of obscene image, and you just plump the depths of your debauched and depraved mind trying to guess what it is. And, if you get it right, you win…A BRAND NEW GIRAFFE! Aren’t you tired of your old giraffe? Well…here’s your chance to get a new one. And no cheating, either. Cheating at Guess What? is an affront to God.

(Click through up top to reveal the image, and after the jump, some supplementary shots. No peeking!)

(Facial tattoos by Mik Clark at Mr. Miks Northwich, UK.)

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