The Hyena Of Morality

Oh, hello! Let’s begin our day with some work by the fabulously goat-throated Adam Burdine, currently spending some quality time at Simon’s Tattoo and Piercing in Baden, Germany. Here we have two lupine-humans, locked in the love that dare not howl its name. However, with the pre-existing skull/barbed wire band at the top, does it not sort of look like twin Wolf Jesuses just going at it? We, of course, approve of and wholeheartedly endorse such sacrilicious iconography, be it intended or not.

Tattoo Hollywood, BME’s first tattoo convention, is coming to Los Angeles from August 21-23, featuring contests, prizes and some of the best artists from around the world! Click here for more information.

12 thoughts on “The Hyena Of Morality

  1. sacrilicious
    1. a) so delicious as to be a slight against the tenants of the Christian religion, and/or the Chistian God, or Jesus.
    b) a portementeau of sacreligeous and delicious ?

  2. haha ah, thanks all. this is actually about six months old? um, just before last christmas i think, for my last guest spot in Germany. Currently at Silver Skull in Freiburg, very soon to be at White Light Tattoo in Berlin(for about a month)! Also, it’s my goddamn birthday! Right. Now.

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