Rest Your Trigger on My Finger

Well here’s a fun and sexy time! Some vulgar pin-up gal walks into a cowboy bar, finds the biggest gun in the room, pumps him to the gills with powder and then just goes to town—who hasn’t heard that story before? (I think it was the plot for Deadwood.) Anyhow, what better excuse than this piece by Sean Walrad from Colorado Springs’s Pikes Peak Tattoo to get an old-fashioned ModBlog debate fired up? Let’s see…what’s more important, a healthy sex life or the right to bear arms? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

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Nice Shooting, Son

I definitely feel like I’m missing the reference here, so until someone enlightens me as to who or what the subject of this stellar piece by Dustin Poole from Sacred Balance actually is, I’m just going to believe it to be the cyber-sexy offspring of Silver Surfer and lovable droid C3PO. Prove me wrong, ModBlog! Prove me wrong.

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Sweet Zombie Suicide

And here we have a portrait of Suicide Girl Zepp Suicide, on her boyfriend, and done by Johnny Stiletto at Baltimore Street Tattoo in Hanover, Pennsylvania. I have to say, it’s not uncommon to hear (former?) models complain about the conditions when working for Suicide Girls, but the fact that they’ll extend contract offers to the grisly undead? Hey, that’s pretty progressive.

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