Masaka and Korgano

This photo is of Marc (left) and Chandler (right) doing a spinning beam with Berlin’s Superfly Suspension and Kukulcan Rituals, but it reminds me of the eternal chase between the sun and the moon, the hunter and the hunted, always swapping back and forth. Nerd points to those who enjoyed the title of this entry as much as the picture. I know I enjoyed writing it. Either way though I love seeing the joy and laughing abandon in this suspension photo, both in Marc and Chandler, and in those watching.


A Budding Morrow in Midnight

I really like this picture of some of the gents from Silas Body Art bouncing around on a triple spinning beam at the Galeria do Rock in Sao Paulo, Brazil—not just because it’s fun that all three have been caught in such different positions, but also because a three-person spinning beam is not the easiest thing to pull off!

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